Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 exams pieces selected...

The 3 pieces which I will be playing for my Grade 2 Practical exams (chosen by my previous teacher) are:-

A2: Allegro grazioso - Biehl
B1: Mazurka from Coppelia - Delibes
C2: Mozzie from Easy Little Peppers - Elissa Milne

Will see if my new piano teacher is ok with the selection...and when confirm and when I have practiced them enough to be presentable, will upload the video =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Found a New Piano Teacher!!!!

Hurray! I finally found a new piano teacher!!! She also just gave birth to a baby. But hers is a baby boy! She gave birth on the 21 Dec 2009. Well, that will make it easier for her to understand the commitment that I have.

Great news is that she is willing to let me have lessons alternate week, at $30 per lesson for Grade 2! (so much more reasonable!) Her piano is ok, nothing to complain about. The house is clean and tidy. And I can have lessons at 10am on Saturday mornings! And I will have lessons in one of her rooms! With aircon! Wow! So good!! =) She also played some short pieces for me. Generally ok. Will start with her in April and she will see me through my Grade 2 practical exams and onwards.

But coz is quite a distance from my house, so I need to get a bicycle to ride there. Anyway, I look forward to starting my class with her, a very down-to-earth person. I like her, not pushy. My first feeling is good =)

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!! =D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Piano Teachers Wanted!

Piano Teacher Wanted! Please quote me. My personal email is

1. Qualified Piano Teacher.
2. Able to prepare me for ABRSM exams practical and theory. I am in Grade 2 now.
3. Able to have lessons on Saturday/Sunday.
(alternate week - 2 lessons per month). Preferably Saturday mornings.
Lessons to be conducted at the Teacher's Home.
5. Stay in Sengkang, Punggol, Hougang or Buangkok area.
6. Have a well maintained acoustic piano, frequently tuned.
7. Willing to continue the books which I am currently using. I am ok if I need to change my books after I finish the ones which I have now.
8. Free interview session is allowed.


Friday, March 19, 2010

New Piano Teacher...

I used to have my piano lessons every Wednesday evening after work. However after my little princess arrived to this world and me going back to work after my maternity leave, I no longer will be to make it for weekdays classes. Sadly, my current piano teacher will not be able to take me on Saturdays as her Saturday is fully packed with students who are unable to swop with me and she is not teaching on Sundays. However, I want to continue my piano learning journey, hence I have change my piano teacher.

I will start with my new piano teacher in April. She is Jacqueline Cho. Her blog is here:

I had a close to 2 hours interview session with her. To get to know her better, and to let her know me better. When I played a few pieces for her from the "Keys to Stylistic Mastery Book 2", she didn't have any much comments on my playing, just said that I played well. Also, she mentioned that the Book 2 which I am using is actually for Grade 3 to 5 range. And says that I should not have any problems preparing for my Grade 2 exams which will be coming in July - Sept. Her piano lessons fees are more expensive than my current teacher's one. I paid $140 for 4 lessons with my current teacher, and will need to pay $160 for the new teacher. Also, my current teacher allows me to have lessons on alternate week, but this new teacher does not allow. And even if she is ok, I will still need to pay $140 for the 2 lessons a month! So expensive =(

Not only that, the piano which the new piano teacher is so lousy =( When I played on it, the keys were not of the same touch. And when I highlighted to her that the piano is not correct, she just said that oh ya, it has yet been tuned. It is not only not tuned, it is also very badly maintained! Sigh, my current teacher's piano is so nice to play on.

And her house is so messy! So many pets, hamsters and dog! Ah!!! Ok, I am not someone who like pets actually, but I find the whole place very messy, dirty, smelly, noisy and dark! Actually I am very reluctant to change my piano teacher. But if I don't change, I will not have the chance to continue my piano learning journey. Well, between the two, I just have to accept the not so good teacher lor. =(

Hope my first lesson will help me change my negative impression lor.

SPH Gift of Music 2010

Just put them in my blog for my easy reference. The admission is free. Visit for more information.

SSO @ Toa Payoh Central
20 March, 6pm, Open space in front of Toa Payoh Library

SCO Community Concert
3 Apr, 6.15pm, Bedok Reservoir Floating Deck

SCO Community Concert
4 Apr, 6.30pm, Bishan CC

SCO Community Concert
10 Apr, 7.45pm, Nee Soon East Sports Park (opp blk 243, Yishun Ave 9)

SCO Community Concert
24 Apr, 6.30pm, Japanese Gardens

Jack & Rai’s Little Rockers
7 - 9 May, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

SSO Rush Hour Concert @ VCH
21 May, 1pm, Victoria Concert Hall

Opera in the Park by the Singapore Lyric Opera
10 June, 6pm, Singapore Botanic Gardens

SSO in the Park
15 August, 6pm, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Hip Hop Festival
13 – 15 August, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

The Philharmonic Winds - Blast from the Past
5 Sept, VivoCity Amphitheatre

Celebrate December with Gift of Music
17 - 19 December, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Christmas with The Philharmonic Winds
26 Dec, Esplanade Concert Hall

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Theory Exams...

Went for my ABRSM Grade 2 Theory Exams today at SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business. I left home at 8am and reached there at about 9am, 1 hour before the start of the exams. I am one of the first few students to reach, so I took this opportunity to tour round the school.

They have seminar rooms, which looks like lecture theatre to me, but a much smaller version compare to the ones which I have been to. They also have classrooms, where the tables and chairs are arranged in groups, instead of the usual straight rows. And what surprises me is that they have many study group rooms. I find the place very conducive. Also, other the classrooms and seminar rooms, there are tables, chairs, power socket and even LAN lines, with aircon. Nice to have the chance to visit the school. Even had chance to chat with some of the students. They are indeed very vocal. Best wishes for the SMU students =)

Ok, back to my Theory Exams. There are also some adult students, but I think they are doing higher grade theory exams. And as expected, there are a lot of children taking the exams. They look so adorable! Hope they enjoy the exam and the process and not doing it because their parents say so.

Frankly, I feel so happy while doing the paper. No stress at all. I guess this is the difference between taking up something as a hobby and as a must-do. Enjoyed the whole process. Haha, and I look so BIG size compared to those little kids. And ya, I completed the papers very quickly. Left the exam venue after 40 mins. Haha, checked through 3 times, think there is nothing else I can do there =)