Friday, January 13, 2012

Grade 8 Music Theory?

This is something that I am considering. Should I proceed to continue to learn the Music Theory after my Mar exams? My piano teacher is not teaching Music Theory from Grade 6 and above. So, I will need to find another teacher to learn from if I wish to continue. And then the question is, I learn until Grade 8 for what?

The higher Music Theory Grades seems to be more on composition for different instruments in an orchestra to create harmony and identifying the composer and the period of a given piece, which seems interesting to me but very intimidating. And is not as if I will be really composing a piece for an orchestra. Would I be even able to hear my composed piece played by an orchestra? Is there a software where I can load the scores and they play it out for me to hear? Haha. It is then will I know if the piece I compose sounds horrible or not. Hahaha.

I went to check out the rates to learn the higher Music Theory. They don't come cheap. I mean, a rough estimation is about $3k+ just to learn from Grade 6 to 8. And that is provided I am "talented". If I stupid stupid, the amount might be more if I insist that I want to pass the Grade 8 exams.

Anyway, a teacher offered to teach me during my lunch time on weekdays, which means I don't need to think of ways to settle my 2 kids while I go for lessons, since they will be in the childcare from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. And she claims that she can cover Grade 6 to 8 syllabus and prepare me for the Grade 8 theory exams in 7 months, which works out to be about $1.2k in total. Should I just give it a try and see how?

Back to Piano at a Relaxed Mode...

Yes, I am returning to continue my piano lessons starting tomorrow. My mother in law was very nice. She offered to come over to my house to help take care of the 2 little ones together with my hubby so that I can go for my piano lessons at peace. And yes, I am continuing to learn on alternate weeks and continue to prepare for my exams in 2012.

My piano teacher had registered me for the Grade 5 Music Theory exams on 17 Mar 2012. And I am nowhere near being prepared for the exams. So, the next 5 lessons, the focus will be on the Grade 5 Music Theory. According to my teacher, she says there is sufficient time, so don't worry.

Also, my piano teacher plans to register me for the Grade 5 Piano Practical exams in July 2012. As of now, I have completed all the scales and arpeggios and have learnt the 3 exam pieces, which are:

A2: Joseph Hector Fiocco (1703-41) Andante: from Pieces de clavecin, Op. 1
B1: Aleksandr Fyodorovich Gedike (1877-1957) Miniature in D minor: No. 2 from Dix Miniatures en forme d'etudes, Op. 8
C3:Ernest Bloch (1880-1959) Joyous March: No. 5 from Enfantines

So moving forward, I just need to practice and try to perfect them to be ready for the exams and focus on learning new pieces to brush up my sight reading skills and aural skills!

So, I will just take it slowly and see what the results will turn out to be. Passing both the Theory and Practical exams are in my 2012 Resolution! But not at the expense of my other priorities =)