Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Girl Playing with Pedals...

Just uploading for fun. Baby and Mommy can play piano together. Mommy plays the keys. Baby play the pedals. She saw me stepping on the pedals, and wants to be press them too!

Some questions I have...

I have some questions here, would be great if anyone can help me:-

1. My piano teacher told me to erase all the markings I have made in my Exam Pieces book. She says these markings are not allowed during the exams and I should be able to play the piece without the help of these markings. Is it true? Coz I remembered my previous teacher says markings and even drawings are ok. So, who is right? Anyway, I guess I will need to erase them coz now she is my teacher. =(

2. Grade 5 Practical is not complusory right? I only need to pass the Grade 5 Theory if I were to proceed to Grade 6 and beyond right? So, is it advisable that I take Grade 4 Practical exams, and skip to Grade 6 practical exams? And I will skip Grade 3 and 4 Theory, but go ahead and take Grade 5 Theory. Haha, I am trying not to take too many exams, coz preparing for exams is so boring and so exam oriented, and I need to keep playing the same piece over and over again, which makes the lesson not very interesting. I would rather spend more time learning and improving my overall musical ability. But ok, I want to take exams to certify that I have reached a certain level. I feel that I improve more when I don't prepare for exams. Haha...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Magic Fiddler Studio Booking

For those who are taking their practical exams at:-
Peace Room, Magic Fiddler 180 Kitchener Road #09-11 City Square Mall S208539.
You may call to book the studio, details are online, they even have a Web Calendar:-

Positive correlation between Grades and Teacher

With my Grade 2 practical exams coming on 30 Aug, and because it is time to register for the 30 Oct 2010 theory papers, I had a discussion with my piano teacher on how we will proceed after I am done with my Grade 2 practical exams. She feels that if I were to move and prepare for Grade 3 exams (both practical and theory) as the next milestone, it would be a waste of time, since the pieces which I am playing now (from the Keys to Stylistic Mastery) is already Grade 3 to 4 level, and that she feels I should be able to cope with Grade 4 requirements (but need to practice lah). So, it would make more sense to move direct to Grade 4. So, starting 1 Sep, I will be officially moving to Grade 4 and starting the following books:-

1. Grade 4 Scales, Arpeggios and Broken Chords (there will be a lot more than what I have now)
2. Grade 4 Theory (after finishing the Grade 3 book, which is finishing and some Grade 3 past year exam papers)
3. Grade 4 Aural (doing it directly, no need to go through Grade 3, she says should be ok)
4. Grade 4 Sight-reading (so scary!!!)
5. Grade 4 exams pieces

and continue with:-
1. A dozen a Day Book 2
2. Keys to Stylistic Mastery 2

Not counting the 3 months which I rested when I gave birth and adjusting to the new member in the family. This is the start of the 24th month into my piano studies, which will also be the last month in Grade 2 whether I pass the practical exams or not.
So, summary of time spent on each grade (for those who are interested):-
Beginner ------ 6 months (no exams)
Grade 1 ------- 8 months (no exams)
Grade 2 ------ 10 months (theory & practical exams, 3 mths of weekly lessons & 7 mths of alternate week lessons)
Grade 3 ------ skip
Grade 4 ------ starting from 1 Sep 2010 (alternate week lessons)

But I am just thinking, most of the times, how fast you move across the Grades depends on your teacher right? If the teacher is someone who is not very demanding in terms of excellent performance and think you are ok ok, would tend to move a student faster through the grades. And for one who is more by the book, step by step approach and a perfectionist would tend to move you slower through the grade? Coz, I am just thinking, skipping Grade 3 is definitely a no-no to my previous teacher. I mean, I don't think I will be allowed to skip Grade 3 totally if I were still with Jennifer. But my current teacher thinks that she is comfortable moving me to Grade 4.

Anyway, I am glad that I will be promoted to Grade 4 next month. What an accomplishment! Yeah! But which means the lesson fees will go up. Aiyo!

Hedy King Robinson prizes

Thanks to Karmeleon "" for the info:-

Hedy King Robinson prizes
These prizes reward high achievement in Theory of Music exams. They are awarded to candidates worldwide who score 90 marks or above at Grades 6 to 8, and, additionally, to those in the USA who achieve full marks (100) at Grades 1 to 5. We offer our congratulations to the following candidates who were awarded prizes for exams taken in 2009.

For Grades 1 to 5, only those in USA who achieve 100 will be awarded. So sad. =( So unfair!!! Haha..