Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 Music Resolutions!

My 2011 Music Resolutions:
1. Return back to Piano Learning with a Teacher!
2. Able to work out a more sustainable practice routine!
3. To complete my Grade 4 Theory (Music Theory in Practice & Past Year papers)
4. To learn and master at least 12 new pieces (1 piece a month):-
a) 7 new pieces from "Keys to Stylistic Mastery Book 2" to complete the Book
b) 5 new pieces from "John W. Schaum Piano Course F - The Brown Book", that is up to Page 17.
5. To complete the "A Dozen A Day Book 2"
6. To complete the scales and arpeggios needed for Grade 4.

Voce Studio Recital 2010

The Voce Studio Recital was held at the Arts House on the 12 Dec 2010 (Sun) and I played 2 pieces:-

Temple Bells
By Dennis Alexander
from Keys to Stylistic Mastery Book1

by Cornelius Gurlitt
from Keys to Stylistic Mastery Book2

Ok, I don't think I played that well, but I think it is still ok. Haha. Some hiccups here and there. But I really enjoyed myself. Yes, my hubby and my little girl were there to see me perform. But because it was on a Sunday, and by the time I finish my pieces, it was already around 10pm. Well, my girl usually sleeps at around that time. So, yes, she was getting very cranky. So, immediately after I finish my pieces, I went home. So, I didn't manage to stay til the end of the recital. But I really appreciate the effort that Jennifer had put in to give everyone to have a chance to perform. And some of her students were simply FANTASTIC. I really enjoyed their playing!

Some photos for you to see:
The Board outside...

The lights...ok, my hubby was finding things to take...
My girl very excited and happy that the recital is starting soon...
One of the MCees...
Jennifer and one of the young pianist. Think she is the same person as the MCee. Haha, for some reasons, my hubby like to take her photo. There were so many other performers.
Mummy playing...
For a moment, I thought Jennifer teaches violin.