Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beginner/Intermediate/Advance = Grade?

Saw this classification somewhere, which is a rough gauge of the piano repertoire for different levels. Just putting here for my future reference, and for the ease of choosing books...
2.Late Beginner
3.Early Intermediate
5.Late Intermediate
6.Early Advance

Monday, May 17, 2010

Perfect Score of 100!

My previous teacher messaged me last night! And she had received my ABRSM Grade 2 Music Theory exams results. Hurray! I scored a perfect score of 100! Full marks! And yes, is a Distinction! Haha, I seldom score full marks during my mock exams. Sure to have mistakes here and there, so actually I am very surprise to that I can actually get perfect score. I was like, are you sure no mistakes?

Ok, I am an adult, so what is the BIG deal? But I am still very happy with my results! Haha, and I think this will be the only time I can ever score full marks for my music exams, so let me boast a bit! As I move on to higher grades, it will get more and more difficult, so I would be happy to pass at my first attempt subsequently...

Continue to enjoy my music learning journey...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Progress Report...

I will be taking my Grade 2 Practical exams this coming September. So, another 3 months plus. Have learnt my 3 exam pieces and still touching up on the little details of the pieces. And need to practice enough such that even with the exam stress, I can still perform reasonably well. Sight-reading is still an area that I need to work on. Scales are ok, need to practice more. Aural, tried a few exercises, so far ok, but my teacher comment that I am too slow in realising if the piece played is 2 beats or 3 beats, though I ultimately got it right. So, on the whole, I feel that I should be ok by the time my exams is here. But definitely need to find more time to practice!!!

I have move on to "A Dozen A Day Book 2", continuing my "Keys to Stylistic Mastery Book 2" and have started on my Grade 3 Theory. Grade 3 Theory is still ok at the moment, but I can feel that it is getting more and more complicated. Especially with more sharps and flats. Really wonder how the little kids can manage to understand these at such a tender age. Is that the reason why usually kids can advance very well in terms of practical, but lags behind when it comes to theory? But for adults, it becomes the other way round?

Glad that I am still making progress even with my baby and work. But definitely is at a much slower pace than before.

Suddenly have the thought that I may want to become a piano teacher one day as my retirement job. Something that I enjoy and yet not too stressful, as I can choose to teach how many students (Haha, provided I have students in the first place...). And at the same time, earn a little money to cover my old age expenses.