Friday, June 22, 2012

Distinction for my Grade 5 Theory!

Yeah! I received my certificate from my teacher today and I got a distinction for my Grade 5 Theory. Happy! But not a full marks distinction, not like my Grade 2.

So I am focusing on my Grade 5 piano practical now, which will happen in Aug. The exact date of the exams is not confirmed. And I will be having weekly lessons now to better prepare for the exams and after which, I will take a break while Nancy goes on maternity leave. Or maybe I will start on my Grade 6 to 8 theory with Carol when Nancy is on maternity leave. Let's see how I cope first.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Postpone the theory learning

I haven't had the chance to go for my first music theory lesson as I had been really very busy with my work and family. Also, Carol had also been busy. 

Since I don't think I can make it in time for the theory paper in Oct plus the fact that I want to spend more time preparing for my practical exams which is coming in Aug, I decided to postpone the music theory for the time being.

I am really finding hard to find enough time to practice my piano nowadays, especially after I return back to work 3 months plus ago. 

My weekdays are also so packed with so much work and long hours to complete my work and head home to tackle the 2 kids, unpack their schoolbags, repack their bag for the next day, wash clothes, bathe them, feed them, put them to bed. And then is bedtime for me, I would be lucky if they can sleep through the night. And the day starts again. TIRED.

And weekends are packed with buying groceries, bringing the 2 kids out "gai gai", visit my mum, do housework. And because they are in childcare, they fall sick very often, so it means bringing them to see a doctor, waking up at night when they cry coz they feel uncomfortable, cannot go to childcare when they are having fever. SUPER TIRED.

Although my husband is very hands-on and he does a lot as well, I haven't been able to find enough time to play the piano.Maybe I am not ready to give up my sleep for the piano yet. And I am the kind who needs to sleep. Else, my brain will be very slow.

Hope I can pass with Merit this Aug. I don't think distinction is within reach with my current practice effort. =P

After the practical exam, I will re-assess to see when I want to start my theory lessons and whether I should continue to learn piano or wait.

Both my hubby and my workload has increased and will increase further. We also want to spend sufficient time with our children and I am not ready to give up my sleep nor my work, it seems I will have less and less "me time". Hope I can continue to maintain a balance.

Anyway, it is late now, I am tired. Goodnight. Hope they can sleep through the night. Sweet dreams.