Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My baby girl plays on my Hailun

Took a few pictures while my baby girl played on my Hailun...enjoy! =)
Reading the scores....

Start her "performance"...

Striking the keys with strength...

And even crossing over her hands....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

17th Singapore International Piano Festival

The 17th Singapore International Piano Festival is coming performed by professional concert pianists. I will be there!

Venue: Victoria Concert Hall (VCH)
Time: 8.15pm
Date: Friday 25 June 2010

My previous teacher has selected Benjamin Grosvenor's performance as she thinks the programme is interesting and it's on a Friday. Below is the link to the piano festival website. You can find out more about the pianists and their respective programme (what they are going to perform for that night). Students are given a discount of 30% off (those with concession passes) and adults will enjoy 10% off (she am still trying to work this out) and she is looking at Category 3. She has the privilege to order the tickets earlier than public ticket sales so we will be able to get better seats at VCH. The sales of tickets to public starts on 19 April 2010!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Lesson with New Piano Teacher

Had my first piano lesson with the new teacher on the 3 April. She was ok with the pieces which my previous teacher chose for me for exams after I played the 3 pieces for her. I have learnt the notes, but a lot needs to be done to add in the dynamics and the feel. However, as she does not want me to overcook the pieces, so she will be continuing the pieces which I have in the "Keys to Stylistic Mastery Book 2" and also will proceed with the Grade 3 Music Theory In Practice. I might want to skip Grade 3 exams and move on to Grade 4.

Generally, I find her not bad. Her baby will be coming to Singapore to stay with her starting from the middle of this month. Will need to see if she will be able to cope with the baby and teaching by then. I guess there will be a lot of adjustments that will be needed going forward. However, I feel comfortable with her and hope she will be able to manage it well.

Oh...I need to find more time to practice the piano! I hardly have time now in the weekdays! Need to find time!