Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feel rushed...

As I am not preparing for any exams now, the teaching method which Nancy is using now is very different from what she used when I was preparing for my practical exams. Now, I feel very rushed. I need to learn 2 new pieces for each lesson. And frankly, I find it very taxing, even when I have lessons on alternate weeks. I was told, her students are usually given 2 new pieces every week. So, I am already learning at half the required pace.

Due to my family and my work, I only get to really practice on weekends. Practising on weekdays is almost impossible though I do try to make an effort, without sacrificing too much time to spend with my baby and sleep. Also, usually I need quite a lot of practice before I can play a piece smoothly through without any notes error and with the dynamics and articulation needed at the correct tempo. Ok, may not be perfect, but I know I have learnt the techniques needed to play the piece well. But now, I can only merely play through the piece through sight-reading, much slower than the required tempo, pauses here and there. And the dynamics and articulations are not as what I wanted. Before I am ready, the next lesson comes, I need to play to my teacher, she comments here not good enough, there not good enough, replay it during the lesson, then she will pass it. And I need to learn another 2 new pieces for the next lesson. And this continues.

I feel like I am playing some catching games, and ya, I know this method helps in my sight-reading, but I do feel that I did not get the chance to train my playing skills, and appreciate each piece that I am playing. She did comment that I cannot expect to have 1 full month to learn 1 piece, which would be the case if I need to repeat the same piece for another lesson. And she does not expect me to play the piece perfectly. Most of what is needed of the piece is done, then we will move on. But I do really find the pieces that I am playing now is relatively much harder than what I was exposed to previously. Am I the only one feeling this way? Maybe I should also reflect to see if I really did not practice as much as I should.

I am ok when she rushed through theory. I mean, maybe after studying for about 20 years, I can still catch up for theory when she goes very fast. But practical is like, I just need to spend more time to practice and there is no short-cut!

So, sigh, either I tell Nancy that I really need her to slow down, or I really need to find more time to practice without affecting my family time, my work time and my sleep time. Playing the piano is suppose to be a relaxation for me turn out to be so stressful now. Haha, maybe I should ask for a demotion to Grade 3? Haha.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mark Sheet (Grade 2 Piano)

Here is the comments that were written on the Mark Sheet for my Grade 2 Piano Exam.