Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Books for Music Theory

I have just started my Grade 6 Music Theory learning journey. My first lesson with Carol will on 2 May as she is tied up with her personal matters in April. I am currently going through the books and exercises which she recommended before my official first lesson. It is not her intention for me to start on my own first. I actually requested for it coz I just can’t wait to start. This is also so that I have more time to learn and enjoy the learning process while preparing for the Grade 8 Theory Paper this coming October.

The recommended books which I am currently working on are:-
1. Guidelines on Harmony for Grade 6 to 8 by Lee Fee Khoon (one book for all 3 grades)
2. Workbook on Harmony for Grade 6 to 8 by Lee Fee Khoon (one book for each grade)
3. In Preparation for the Theory Examination Grade 6 to 8 by Lee Ching Ching (purple book)

They are available from the Yamaha Bookstore at Plaza Sing, which is open after 12pm on weekdays and whole day on weekends.

So far, I enjoy reading the guidelines and working through the exercises. Some "me" time and a nice relaxation from my work and babies. =)