Saturday, July 7, 2012

Practical Exam on 1 Aug 2012!

Just received the confirmation of my Grade 5 piano exams from my teacher. It will be on 1 Aug 2012 morning at Parkway Centre. That is less than 4 weeks later. Oh gosh, I feel so unprepared and nervous! And it clashes with my month end closing! Oh dear!

But luckily, it is in the morning, so I can take the morning off for the exams, and when I go back office, it would definitely be a long day! But which also means that I need to take a few days off before that, so that I have more time to practice, while my kids are in the childcare! Yet coping with the tonnes of work in office!

Although I keep saying, I am happy enough to pass, but subconsciously, I still hope to do well. Aiya, it is me lah, the want-to-be-perfectionist kind of attitude, even when I have so many things on my plate. Maybe that is why, I am always so tired. Coz I am too greedy and I want everything!

Ok, I should get on to practice more vigorously now! Hope I can do well! Good Luck to myself =P.