Thursday, October 27, 2011

My little boy arrived...

My dear little boy arrived on 20 Oct 11. This is much earlier than what I expected and hence I was caught unprepared. Luckily he is my 2nd one, so I have some prior experience which came in useful.

I will be returning to work on 20 Feb 12. So I have a full 4 months break from work to spend time with my 2 little ones and my hubby and of coz to try to prepare for the Grade 5 exams.

My goals for these 4 months would be:-
1. Re-establish a routine with my hubby which is sustainable when I go back to work.
2. Fully toilet-train my girl.
3. Wean my girl off her pacifier.
4. Settles my girl well and manage sibling rivalry.
5. Train my boy to sleep through the night without any night feeds.
6. Settles my boy well in the infant care before I start work.
7. Breastfeeding my boy for at least 4 months.

With the encouragement and support from my hubby, I will be registering for the
17 Mar 2012 Grade 5 Music Theory exams and the July 2012 Grade 5 practical exams. He thinks since I am already preparing for it, might as well give it a try. If fail, then so be it. Haha, just waste money on the exams fees lor.