Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Had my 2nd Tuning on 14 June

Haha, I know I am posting this a bit late, but had been so busy with other stuff that I rarely have the time to post stuff now.

Just wondering, do you usually sit in the room when the tuner is tuning your piano, or you just leave the tuner alone to do the tuning? Haha, I guess I am not experience enough to notice if the piano did go out of tune or not, and am happy that it was being tuned again, coz everyone says that it should be tuned once every 6 months.

Previously, I had stayed in the room with the tuner and see how he tune my piano, and I felt that I was "supervising" him too much, and felt a little guilty. But rather because that was the first time I see someone tune a piano, so was very interested, and happily sat behind him. This time round, I decide that I should leave the tuner alone, so I led him to the room where my piano is and on the aircon, left the door slightly open and let him do his job alone. And I assume he is done with his tuning when he starts playing tunes on the piano, and thank him for coming.

Is that what you usually do during your piano tuning session? And do you offer him drinks? I offered him, but in the end, he left it on the table and didn't drink it. Do you test on the piano in front of the tuner after he tunes? Haha, I guess I am not a very "talkative" person, so, I also don't know what to talk to him about. Haha, and maybe coz I am still at the very beginning stage of my piano learning, so haha, nothing to discuss with him =P

Appreciate if you can share your experiences as well.

Jazz Music is not my cup of tea

Having played a few more pieces on Jazz Music, and even duets with my teacher. I realised Jazz Music is not my cup of tea. Not quite like it actually. Once a while to play something different, it is ok. But I feel that I drag myself to practice a piece on Jazz Music. Haha, think my teacher is going to give up on me for those pieces =P

Previously, I thought Jazz Music is something like Pop Music (the Singaporean, HK and Taiwan Pop Songs), but haha, the feel is so much different. I still prefer Pop Music much more. Maybe coz I grew up learning Pop Songs, so of coz I can relate much better. =)

In fact, I like the few pieces which I played from Impressionist Period so long as they are not too abstract like making sounds of birds chirping, making sounds like how a child play with a toy. So long as it is soft music that can be played while you have cup of tea by the balcony, admiring the scenery, with tunes (haha...the key word is with tunes!), I enjoyed it very much.

And I will be moving on to the "Contemporary Period" soon. Oh! I think I will have a hard time through those pieces. Haha, sometimes, I feel that after the period of Romantic period, it seems like because the composers wants to come out with something that is very different from what was composed perviously, they start to experiment with clashing notes to create different moods, excessive pedalling to create a dreamy mood, which is no longer as pleasing to hear as those pieces that were composed prior to Romantic period. But well, maybe it is still too early to gauge as I am still at the very beginning of my music learning journey, but I start to form some preferences on some of the music from various periods.

Will have my class tomorrow, and oh no! I am not yet sufficiently prepared for the class with my Jazz piece. Need to practice hard today! Though I don't really like it very much. How I wish I can clear this piece tomorrow, and move on to the "Contemporary Period" which I don't really look forward to it either. And so hope that I can finish this book quickly and move on to the next book, which seems more interesting to me. Haha!