Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking a long break

It is 2013. My girl is 3+, turning 4 this year and is in N2 now. My boy is 1+, turning 2 this year, and will be promoted to toddler class soon.

This is the time of their life where they need more of their parents' time, to play and guide them. I think this is also the period where they build strong and lasting relationships with us, where they will stick to us and is dependent on us.

Also, when I flipped through the Primary 1 assessment books, frankly speaking, I am shocked at the questions. It seems like the P3/P4 syllabus when I was still in primary school. 

My friends around me are sending their children for enrichment classes like icanread, icreative, shichida, CMA for abacus, berries for chinese, yamaha music, kindergolf, swimming, ballet and so on. While I have not signed my girl up for any enrichment classes yet, and kept asking if these enrichment classes are really necessary, I don't deny the fact that I am just a normal typical singaporean who doesn't want my child to fall behind. My husband is against the idea of me sending my girl to enrichment class now, but I think it is time for me to spend more time with her to coach her academically.

Also, my workload is getting more demanding and heavier, with higher expectations to meet. I sometimes question why life is Singapore is so hectic and tiring.

Then I look at my piano learning. The time required to practice for the Grade 6 exams is not little. More scales and more challenging pieces. While I love learning piano, I cannot afford and could not find the time I need to practice to that perfection, to move up to the next level. Playing the piano is a skill which requires constant practice. And to play demanding pieces, more time is needed to practice. With so many things on my place. everything seems to be overflowing and I feel that I cannot cope. Or rather, unable to do each tasks to the level of perfection which I hoped for.

Hence, I decided it is time to postpone the learning of piano to make time for the others. This is so that I can feel less stress and have more time to do the rest to a better level of perfection. I will still play the piano at my pace, slower and by myself, as and when I find the time, to maintain the standard that I have came so far. 

The time which I want will come one day when (1) my children has grown up, and when they are less dependent on me, and when (2) I have reached my "Career End Point", such that I will be cruising comfortably at a certain level. Then I will resume my piano learning again. Hope I would be able to enjoy it then as much as now.