Sunday, April 24, 2011

Officially promoted to Grade 5?

My piano teacher has promoted me to Grade 5, that is, charging me Grade 5 fees since 1 April 2011. But I have not totally moved into Grade 5 in all the aspects of my piano learning. Hence, I do think she is charging a Grade 5 fees prematurely. But afterall, she is not charging as much as other piano teachers, hence, I took the "give and take" approach and allowed to be prematurely promoted to Grade 5. Afterall, don't want her to feel unhappy and she did touch on Grade 5 stuff, and with that, hope she will focus more on me.

Although prematurely, below is the time I have moved from one Grade to another.
Not counting the 3 months which I rested when I gave birth. This is the start of the 33th month into my piano learning. I will be in Grade 5 for quite a while as the exams is tentatively schedules on the 2nd half of 2012.

Beginner --- 6 mths (no exams)

Grade 1 ---- 8 mths (no exams)
Grade 2 --- 10 mths (theory & practical exams - 7 mths of alternate week lessons)
Grade 3 ---- skip
Grade 4 ---- 7 mths (no exams,alternate week lessons, including the 3 mths break I took to catch up)
Grade 5 ---- starting from Apr 2011

The fees she charges are below, which includes both theory and practical. Reasonable?
Beginner ---- $100 / 4 lessons
Grade 1 ----- $110 / 4 lessons
Grade 2 ----- $120 / 4 lessons
Grade 3 ----- $130 / 4 lessons
Grade 4 ----- $140 / 4 lessons
Grade 5 ----- $160 / 4 lessons
**Noted that most teachers increases the lesson time from 45 mins to 60 mins in Grade 5. Maybe I should ask her too...

What I have covered so far:-

Scales and Arpeggios:
Using the ABRSM Grade 5 Book now.
Learnt all the major scales (both hands together and hands separately)
Learnt 9 harmonic minor scales
(both hands together and hands separately)
Learnt 3 harmonic minor scales (hands separately only)
12 melodic minor scales (not yet)
Contrary-motion scales (not yet)
Chromatic scales (starting from all black keys only, white keys not yet)
Chromatic contrary-motion scales (not yet)
6 Arpreggios
(both hands together and hands separately)
18 Arpeggios (not yet)

Exam Pieces:
Just bought the ABRSM Grade 5 book, but not yet started.

Not yet started. Will be using Nancy's book.

Just bought the ABRSM Grade 5 book, but not yet started.

About 66% through Grade 4 theory.

Keys to Stylistic Mastery 2:
3 more new pieces from contemporary period before I finish the book.

John W. Schaum Piano Course F - The Brown Book:
Learnt 6 pieces.

A Dozen A Day Book 2:
Have not touched it for a real long time. Guess Nancy is not keen to touch on this.