Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reviewing 2011 Music Resolution

After one quarter into FY11, just wanted to see how I have progressed on the Resolution which i set in the beginning of the year, and what is the exam plan which my teacher proposed.

2011 Resolution

1. Return back to Piano Learning with a Teacher! [Completed]

2. Able to work out a more sustainable practice routine! [In progress]

3. To complete my Grade 4 Theory (Music Theory in Practice & Past Year papers) [In progress]
4. To learn and master at least 12 new pieces (1 piece a month) [In progress]
5. To complete the "A Dozen A Day Book 2" [Not on track]

6. To learn the scales and arpeggios needed for Grade 5. [In progress]

Exams Siting (tentative plan from my teacher)

Grade 5 Theory ............ Mar 2012 (register in Nov 2011)

Grade 5 Practical ......... Sep 2012 or Mar 2013 (register Feb 2012 or Sep 2012)

Yes, I will not be taking the Grade 3 and 4 exams. This is also so that I can spend more time playing more pieces. =)