Friday, June 22, 2012

Distinction for my Grade 5 Theory!

Yeah! I received my certificate from my teacher today and I got a distinction for my Grade 5 Theory. Happy! But not a full marks distinction, not like my Grade 2.

So I am focusing on my Grade 5 piano practical now, which will happen in Aug. The exact date of the exams is not confirmed. And I will be having weekly lessons now to better prepare for the exams and after which, I will take a break while Nancy goes on maternity leave. Or maybe I will start on my Grade 6 to 8 theory with Carol when Nancy is on maternity leave. Let's see how I cope first.


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stone said...

Congrats! Chanced upon your blog while searching for upright pianos in Singapore. I read through some of your posts and found them to be packed with lots of information on the piano, with sprinklets of your journey through music here and there. (:

Totally understand your feelings of having insufficient time to practice the piano. We live in such a fast paced society, trying to balance all the different things in our lives is just an endless juggling act. I recently started interning (or working 9-6pm), which has been flipping my life upside down because I have to teach aft work, and weekends are also packed with appointments, rehearsals etc. There is just no time to have quality practice/sleep.

Having said that, I do hope you will continue in your music endeavors – Going for music theory exams and continuing with your music lessons(even though u mentioned why the need to get grade 8 theory – eventually all that theory does come back to help you in your playing, especially for styles like pop and jazz or any free-style music like latin, bossa etc). But having said that, do not let the rules of what ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ be done tie you down in your playing. E.g. Rules like parallel fifths and eighths do not apply all the time in pop. Lastly, I wish you all the best! (:

butterfly wings said...

Hi, i am taking my grade 1 theory in oct and i have a lot of problem with counting of beat in my piano song. will be taking my grade 1 piano in feb next year. can u contact me at 81590970 i need advice :(

Pooh Bear said...

Thanks stone. Your comments made me feel more motivated to continue my piano learning! Really appreciates it! :)

Pooh Bear said...

Hi butterfly wings,

I hope my message does not reach u too late, as I don't logon to my blog very frequently.

Would you prefer to send me an email at to share more about your problems, so that I can better prepare in providing an advice? :)